GenEQ Hiring Students for 2017-18!

Get paid to work for gender and social justice at North Seattle College!

Part-time student employment opportunities available.  To apply, email your resume, a cover letter sharing why you want to work for GenEQ, and your Fall Quarter class schedule to:

Applications accepted now through the 2nd week of Fall Quarter.



June Newsletter 2017

Hello Everyone! The quarter’s almost over! Feeling stressed? Need resources? Have questions about equity? GenEQ is here to help! Stop by CC2345C during our posted walk in hours and one of our student staff will help you out!

GenEQ is Hiring!

GenEQ is HIRING work study students for summer and into the 2017-18 academic year!  Hours are flexible to accommodate your classes, pay is $15/hr to do exciting and impactful work!  Apply for summer work study through the Financial Aid Office, then stop by GenEQ with your work study award letter, resume and a cover letter sharing why you want to work with GenEQ or email to:  Don’t qualify for work study?  Apply anyways, we have limited student part-time hourly positions available for the 2017-18 academic year.  We are looking for social justice oriented and self-motivated individuals to join the team!

The Equity Lending Library has new books! Check out books at the GenEQ center including Gender Outlaws, The New Jim Crow, and Men and Feminism. More books are also available through the NSC Library! Check out the LibGuides and GenEQ recommended reads here.

GenEQ Summer Hours: Yes, we are open this summer!

OPEN:  June 26 – August 18, M-Th 11:30am – 5:00pm

CLOSED:  June 19 – 23 and August 21 – September 1

Starting September 6th, we will resume our regular schedule. Feel free to stop by to browse resources when we’re open, or call to talk to a GenEQ staff person.

Upcoming Events

We are wrapping up the quarter. Come by and say hi to us at these tables:

Find us at Student Leadership’s SpringFest with a table! 10-2 on Thursday, June 1st

Good Luck with Finals! We will be hanging out in the Grove with resources and finals goodie bags June 6-8 from 12-2pm.

Events Review

gender inequality in filmNSC, you all are AMAZING!  Thank you for coming out and showing up to the 3rd Annual NSC Film Series.  The NSC Film Series brings you quality independent films with unique stories.  Every year, we strive to bring the creative work of women, people of color, international independent film makers, and film makers with disabilities to the NSC community.  GenEQ’s goal with the NSC Film Series is to raise awareness and to empower people to be active and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future in which everybody can live well and thrive.  Why?  Because mainstream film production and distribution maintains huge inequalities when it comes to gender or race.  Join us next year for another year of awesome stories!

Thank you to all the attendees, students, sponsors and collaborators that made GenEQ’s events presence this year possible. You all are amazing!

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month – This event was sponsored by DICE. Thank you! Check out the features below:

Roldy Aguero Ablao

Artist Spotlight: Roldy Aguero Ablao

Roldy Aguero Ablao is an artist and cultural worker from the island of Guam. He is inspired by the stories and myths of the Oceania, weaving in themes of memory and renewal as an underlying foundation for his work. He likes cats, thrift shopping and social justice.

Artist Spotlight: Nic Masangkaynic masangkay 2

Nic Masangkay is a multiply-marginalized, 25-year-old performing artist and music producer based in Seattle. With poetry Buzzfeed claims “will leave you speechless” and music the Seattle Times reports is “synth-pop with overlaid vocals in the style of Reggie Watts,” Nic is incredibly grateful that anybody wants to listen to the art that they create to survive. They have been featured locally, nationally, and online and are excited to have joined North Seattle College in celebrating AAPI Heritage Month!

Workshop Day: Six amazing workshops were lead by students on May 23rd. Thank you to everyone who took the time to be part of this. Want to know more about Zines for Social Justice, Why Black Lives Matter, Gender in the 21st Century, Allyship, and more? Stop by GenEQ and we can connect you with information and student leaders to learn!

Health Fair: Did you catch GenEQ at the Health Fair? If not, we have information about health equity, pregnant student’s rights and breastfeeding, WIC, and more all year round!

Pride Table: As an entrance into LGBTQ Pride Month, GenEQ joined the LGBTQ+ Pride Club to have fun in the Grove with a table, allyship information, and more. Contact for more! If you are looking for Transgender Student Support, email them to get the location of the Trans Student Hangout.

Family 2.0: Saturday, May 20th, GenEQ was at the JACL conference on campus, Family 2.0! Read more about Family 2.0 here.

In the News

Why educators should recognize queer Asian identities in school curriculum: A quick piece on how course content impacts students:

Speaking of AAPI Art Activism, check out this interview with Troy Osaki, and article about the opposition to the Youth Jail:

Ally Theater: Telling the Difference Between Solidarity and Performative Allyship. Readers: This article contains strong language. That being recognized, please consider the discourse contained within, and how language tone policing prevents access to learning and space in conversations.

50+ Autistic People You Should Know: a list of intersection-focused disability advocates Fun fact: Lydia Brown was at the Family 2.0 event on our campus!

Community Events

Congratulations graduates of all degree and technical programs! We are proud to have been part of many of your academic and life journeys. GenEQ is all about supporting students who are underrepresented here, and we are so happy to see you graduate, complete classes, go on your next adventure, and continue learning! If you are staying at North, we look forward to connecting with you. Providing basic needs resources is key to creating equity in school, and to increasing access to all realms of life through creating lasting connections. Equity is key to student success, and GenEQ will continue providing for the needs of all students into the future. Congrats, graduates! You are always welcome to come back and say hi.

Pride: the LGBTQ+ Pride Club is throwing a pride celebration June 2nd, from 3-6pm in the Green Room. Stop by for pizza and company. Contact for more info.

Diversity in Tech Conference: Read more here

Opportunity Center for Employment and Education: the OCEE on campus has support for resume help, job training, and more! The can also provide support with housing referrals and basic contraception and STI testing. More info here.

Left to right, GenEQ Staff: Alison Post, Meera Maaytah, Emily Marie Stehr, Fred Anex, Chilan Ta (Manager)

Congratulations to this year’s GenEQ team! I’m sure you all have seen the many faces of staff and volunteers representing GenEQ at events and in the office this year. We are grateful for all the contributions you have made–community collaboration is how we keep doing what we do! So thank you. If you are interested in volunteering next year, or being part of our staff, email We would love to meet you!

Our Mission

The Gender Equity Resource Center is a campus leader that promotes social justice, responsible action and accountability.  Our programs support historically underrepresented students at NSC.

In our actions,

We strive to be free from violence, homophobia, trans*phobia, sexism, classism, ableism, racism and discrimination based on immigration status.

We affirm all bodies, identities, and backgrounds.

We design events and programming to foster community and empowering expressions of masculinity, femininity and gender.

We change lives through education.

Thanks for Reading!


Your GenEQ Team

A note from the editor: I have enjoyed writing for you all this year! I am graduating, and a new GenEQ staff will be back in the fall to spread some more awesome news, and to join the new team in doing great things. Thank you for reading the newsletter, supporting GenEQ, and creating a campus climate that will help all our students thrive. Happy graduation to everyone moving on, and a happy summer to all those continuing their studies and other endeavors.

Best regards,


GenEQ is Hiring!


GenEQ is HIRING work study students for summer and into the 2017-18 academic year!  Hours are flexible to accommodate your classes, pay is $15/hr to do exciting and impactful work!  Apply for summer work study through the Financial Aid Office, then stop by GenEQ with your work study award letter, resume and a cover letter sharing why you want to work with GenEQ or email to:  Don’t qualify for work study?  Apply anyways, we have limited student part-time hourly positions available for the 2017-18 academic year.  We are looking for social justice oriented and self-motivated individuals to join the team!

May Newsletter 2017

The Gender Equity Resource Center is located in CC2345C for all students and community members, contact us or stop by for resources, pads, condoms, and peer support!

Check out some photos from anti-street harassment! Keep reading below to learn more about what’s happening, what’s next, and how you can engage with the community.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This Month’s newsletter game: GenEQ trivia! Can you answer a few questions about GenEQ and equity? Come by the office to play the game for a small prize! (Hint: Answers are in this newsletter.) Congratulations everyone who finished last month’s word search.

Upcoming Events

What’s next from the Gender Equity Resource Center?

Musical Performances for AAPI Heritage Month on Thursday, May 18th in the MultiPurpose room! Come celebrate activism through art and AAPI Heritage Month with art, music, and a discussion. Can’t make it? Check out the upcoming film below. If you are interested in performing at this event, please contact the GenEQ center.

NSC 3rd Annual Film Series: Join us for a film to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month on Wednesday, May 10th at 12 pm in Baxter Center.

Workshop Day– All students are invited to join us for Workshop Day on May 23rd. There will be a variety of options, including Identity Zines and Talking about Ableism. If you would like to facilitate a workshop, submit your proposal by Friday, May 5th. Workshops vary in time and location, keep your eyes out for the postings! Check with your instructor about receiving extra credit for attending this event.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Join the GenEQ center for information about activities and how to be an accomplice to LGBTQ+ Justice on May 30th at 11:30 in the Grove.

Speaking of Pride, the local chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League is bringing an API LGBTQ conference to our campus on May 20th! Follow this link for more information:

Find us at the Health Fair on May 4th to learn more about the Mamava lactation suite on campus, affordable healthcare, and pregnant workers’ rights. Located in the Roy Flores Wellness Center.

If you would like a GenEQ Staff to visit your class with a quick presentation about what we do, email, or call 206-934-3696.

Events Review

Anti Street Harassment and Sexual Assault Awareness: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Check out the photos above to see what we did. Thank you to the Events Board for helping out!

What is Street Harassment?

Street harassment looks like….

  • Someone talking about your body parts inappropriately or offensively
  • Someone whistling at you from across the street, glaring, or
  • Someone following you without your permission
  • Someone calling you a homophobic slur
  • Someone exposing or flashing their genitals at you
  • Someone purposefully touching or brushing up against you in an unwelcomed manner, often sexual

للتحرش أشكال عديدة، مثل:

  • حملقة شخص بأعضاء جسدك بطريقة مستفزة أو وقحة.
  • تصفير شخص لكي أثناء عبورك للشارع أو حملقته بك.
  • أن يلاحقك أو يتبعك شخص دون إذنك.
  • أن يسبّك مسبّة تتعلق بميولك الجنسية.
  • إظهار شخص لاعضائه الجنسية أمامك.
  • أن يقوم شخص بلمسك عن قصد دون إذنك.

El acoso callejero es….

  • Alguien hablando sobre cuerpo inapropiadamente o ofensivamente
  • Alguien que te silba desde el otro lado de la calle, con mirada penetrante,
  • Alguien que te sigue sin tu permiso
  • Alguien te diga un insulto homofóbico
  • Alguien exponiendo mostrandote sus genitales
  • Alguien deliberadamente tocando o rozandote de una manera no deseada, a menudo sexual


  • 有人以侮辱、不当的口吻在议论你的肢体或者身体某个部位
  • 有人在马路对面对你吹口哨或者瞪眼盯住你
  • 有人未经你允许在尾随你
  • 有人对你讲侮辱同性恋者的脏话
  • 有人对你显露炫耀其生殖器 有人故意用其肢体碰撞、触摸你的某些敏感部位,通常动作下流

Green Your Period: Want to know more about reusable menstrual products and environmental feminism? Visit GenEQ to learn what we talked about at Earth Week!

GenEQ has information and resources about ending violence, Title IX, preventing street harassment, and more all year! Stop by and talk to our staff if you want to learn more.

In the News:

What is Rape Culture? (Warning: This article contains descriptions that may be upsetting.)

The Environment is a Feminist Issue:

Ways we ignore children’s agency that perpetuate rape culture:

Community Events

What’s happening in the community?

NSC’s Black Student Union is hosting a 3-part documentary series titled “Race: The Power of an Illusion.” Join them Tuesday, May 2nd in the Grove Seminar Room – there’s free popcorn! The first film begins at 12pm and the series runs until 3:30.

Radical Women Seattle- follow this link for their calendar. Upcoming events include “Schoolidarity” film and discussion on May 16th.

Opportunity Center for Employment and Education- The OCEE is here to help with resume help, job fairs, and more. See this link for more.

Student Leadership at North Seattle College has lots coming up! For a pop-up food pantry, pizza with the president, transfer events, and more visit

Stop by GenEQ to learn more about other things coming up in the community.


Note: These are not all through NSC, but are opportunities for you to explore.

Forward Feminism Conference- With National Organization for Women (NOW). Read more here.

Out 4 Undergrad Conference-For LGBTQ students in tech, engineering, marketing, and business. Read more here.

API LGBTQ Conference- At NSC! Family 2.0 is a free conference on May 20th. Hosted by the JACL. Read more here.

If you would like to contribute to the GenEQ newsletter, email us! We would love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for Reading!


Your GenEQ Team


The GenEQ center, under the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, is a campus leader in creating welcoming spaces of responsibility, accountability, and care. We promote social justice, responsible action, and sustainability. To read our full mission and vision, click here.

Newsletter-April 2017: Happy Spring!

Happy Spring from the Gender Equity Resource Center! Located on the second floor of the College Center, we are here to provide resource referrals and community for all students, faculty and staff. If you have any questions, we are open 9-4:30 M-F and available for walk-ins and appointments.

New! Newsletter Games: Each newsletter for spring quarter will be emailed out with a game! This month: GenEQ word search. To get a copy, email or stop by our office! Completed word searches can be brought by GenEQ for a small prize.

Class Visits

The Gender Equity Resource Center is doing class visits for Winter Quarter! If you would like a 5 minute presentation in your class about who we are and what we do, email to request a time. We will send a staff member your way!

Why the new name?

Before fall quarter, we changed our name from Women’s Center to Gender Equity Resource Center. Don’t worry! We still provide the same great resources and opportunities for all students. Read more about it on the herstory page of this site, or come chat with us. We would love to hear what you think!

March Events Review

NSC 3rd Annual Film Series: Serena-Thanks to all who came to this film! The Film Series will continue this quarter-stay tuned for more information!

Self-Defense Workshop-In partnership with the Events Board, we hosted a self-defense workshop. There was an amazing number of students in attendance. If you would like to give us feedback email

International Women’s Day-March 8th was International Women’s Day. We celebrated with the Feminist Alliance with an equity bake sale, poster display, and more! The bake sale raised funds for Mary’s Place, a local women and families shelter.

Upcoming Events

Keep your eyes out for all Gender Equity Resource Center events on campus!

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we will have a table in the Grove the April 25th-27th from 12-2. Look around campus to see our temporary art installation and come find any resources you need!

Earth Day – In partnership with the Sustainability Office, the Gender Equity Resource Center will be doing Green Your Period education! Find us in the Grove April 20th to learn more about reusable menstrual products and sustainability.

NSC 3rd Annual Film Series – April 26th we are showing a 30 minute film- The Fat Body (In)Visible in Baxter Events Center. This film explores identity, and the intersections of race and gender with fatness to explore tactics of visibility and celebrate body diversity.

Workshop Day- We are exploring ways to foster student engagement and excitement about identity and intersectionality! Tuesday, May 23rd, we will be hosting a workshop series and would love any additions from community members, instructors, or students. If you are interested in leading a workshop (it could be about anything!) email All students are strongly encouraged to join! We can assist you in creating a workshop curriculum to fill a 30-90 minute time frame.

Community Events

Opportunity Center for Employment and Education – Located on North’s campus, they provide job fairs, resume help, skills-building and career search opportunities to help you find success! Visit their website for more information.

Student Leadership is creating a food pantry-chat with them if you are interested in donating to them. They are located on the first floor of the CC building near the courtyard.

Arts & Activism

Interview with Seattle-based artist and activist Troy Osaki:

In the News

Little Ways to Support Sexual Assault Survivors:

A quick look at the intersection of mental health care access and anti-black racism:

Understanding Domestic Violence: Power and Control Wheel

Note: The Gender Equity Resource Center has many tools and resources to teach you about intimate partner violence and to guide survivors toward healing. Stop by or call if you need anything! Learning about violence and abuse can help you learn the warning signs and connect you with safety resources.


Thanks for reading! As always, contact us if you need anything. GenEQ is here to help!


Your GenEQ Team